Invite friends


请邀请您的朋友一起使用Cohort Go Payments吧, 这样也可以帮助他们节省支付中所需的费用。请记住:越多人使用Cohort Go Payments,更多的利益就会回报给每一个人。请留下您朋友的email地址,邀请他们一起获得最大的利益吧。




提供您朋友的邮箱,我们将把Cohort Go Payments的注册链接发送给他/她

  1. By inviting friends, you agree to the Cohort Go Terms and Conditions.
  2. Each friend can only be invited once.
  3. To be eligible for the invite reward, your friend(s) first transaction must be to the value of $1000 AUD or more and completed via the unique payment link sent in your invitation email.
  4. Your GiftPay e-Gift Card will be emailed to you within 1-week of a successful referral.
  5. We reserve the right to modify or remove the invite program and reward at any time or refuse a reward if we suspect any dishonest activity (for example, by inviting yourself, fictitious people, or already existing users).

估计您Cohort Go Payments款额


    您是教育机构或者服务中介正在找寻帮助您的学生减少支付费用、简化支付流程的途径吗? 与我们合作